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     "Addressing tomorrow's Insurance needs today"

    Complete Solutions Insurance (CSI) Brokers Ltd is a fully fledged Insurance Brokerage firm duly licensed under the relevant Statutes and Regulations in Kenya.

    As an Insurance Broker, our role in arranging for your Insurance is both intermediary and representative, in that, we act as the necessary go-in between and vital link between your Insurers and other Principal players in the Insurance Industry.

    By virtue of our Relevant Licenses, Training, Qualification, Experience, Exposure and Aptitude, we are best placed to offer exemplary services on different and diverse approaches towards handling any Risk and arranging the most competent, comprehensive and timely insurance Policies at the best economic value.

    CSI Brokers Ltd is certified and regulated by the following bodies:

    • Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA)
    • Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK)

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    Regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authorithy

General Insurance

CSI provides a wide variety of insurance products that are offered by various underwriters in the Kenyan market. To learn more about these, please click here

Medical Insurance

We offer exclusive medical covers for both Kenyan market and greater East African markets. To learn more, please click here

CSI Telecommunication

Safaricom chose us to be partners in a wide array of enterprises encompassing telecommunication services across Kenyan market. To learn more on these, please click here

Travel Insurance

CSI offers both short period and annual travel policies. These cover both medical expenses and baggage losses among other travel related incidences. To learn more, please click here

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