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Complete Solutions Insurance Brokers Ltd (CSI)  is a fully fledged Insurance Broker duly licensed under the relevant Statutes and Regulations in Kenya.

As an Insurance Broker, our role in arranging for your Insurance is both intermediary and representative in that, we act as the necessary go between and vital link between your Insurers and other Principal players in the Insurance Industry.

Among other functions, we expedite the following for your complete satisfaction in meeting all your insurance needs;

  1. Act as Risk Control Agents
  2. Liaise with Loss Assessors and Adjusters in identifying your Risk Exposure and extent of Exposure
  3. Work hand in hand with Loss / Accidents / Claims Investigators
  4. Partner with Motor Repairers / Accredited Motor Repair Garages
  5. Consult with Professional Valuers & Assessors and any other duly qualified and endorsed Insurance Market Players by our Statutory Regulators, IRA (Insurance Regulation Authority).

By virtue of our License by IRA, Training, Qualification, Experience, Exposure and Aptitude, we are best placed in advising you at a Personal level on different and diverse approaches towards handling any Risk and arranging the most competent, comprehensive and timely insurance Policies at the best economic value.


  1. We have over 29 years of combined experience in the Insurance Industry as both Underwriters and Brokers which gives us a paramount added advantage over others.
  2. At CSI, we go a step further to negotiate, not just for the most Equitable Premiums, but also most Comprehensive Scope of Cover under the various Insurance Policies.
  3. We also exercise caution to safe-guard the interest of our clients, by ensuring that they are compliant with Insurance Regulations (IRA) stipulated as per the Insurance Act.
  4. Our objective is to provide a 1st class professional service whereby our client’s interests are always paramount and to provide objective, impartial and independent advice on risk management.
  5. We stand out in ensuring timely service to the client and ensuring that any payable premium is made in the name of insurer to authenticate the contract between the Insurer and the Insured and to avoid any ambiguity in case of a claim.
  6. Our services are aided with the most Advanced Insurance Software that allows promptness and accuracy in service delivery.
  7. We conduct periodic review (quarterly or bi annual) policy review with our clients



Here at CSI, OUR Goals for Customer Service include:-

  • Understanding the needs and requirements of our respective customers
  • Providing our customers with professionally handled, insurance related Consultation and Intermediary Service.
  • Negotiating and obtaining the most equitable premiums for the widest scope of cover from various Prudent Insurers in the market.
  • Constant follow-ups regarding maintenance of the Risk with the Insured.
  • Updating the Insured regarding all Emerging changes, challenges and regulations in the Insurance Industry.
  • Obtaining the correct and relevant documents from the Insured at the time of a Claim and mitigating the Loss on behalf of the Insured, both with the Loss Adjuster and the Insurance Company.
  • Ensuring compliance as per the evolving Insurance Act.
  • Encouraging clients to make payments in favour of the Insurance Company in order to authenticate the contract between the Insurer and the Insured.

CSI (USP) Unique Selling Points

  • Complimentary Risk Survey.
  • Quarterly or bi annual review meeting with clients.
  • Regular updation of the market innovation in the Insurance Industry.
  • Our own emergency 24hrs telephone No. 0717 424 445 accessible the whole day.
  • Excellent relationships with insurers and Re insurers due to our 24 years of experience in the Local Insurance Industry hence communication and resolving matters will be instant.
  • Perusing the policy document on behalf of clients and mitigating with the underwriters at inception so that future claims may not be prejudiced due to the fine print.
  • Efficient, proactive and prompt claim related services.
  • Premium collection directly in the name of the insurer.
  • Exellent binders packages with our insurers on Marine,motor,etc.
  • Use of the latest insurance softwares to maintain accountability and efficiency in CSI service delivery


  1. Integrity
  2. Reliability and Trust
  3. Promptness in all service provisions
  4. Approachability and Redressal of problems faced by our customers


“Customer Satisfaction”




“To be envisaged as a Composite Professional Insurance Service Provider, by sourcing the most Comprehensive, Cost Effective Insurance Packages and delivering Prompt Underwriting and claims service with a Proactive, Positive Attitude.”


“A Promise Forever…”


We are proud to be associated with and partner with the leading, most trusted and financially secure insurance companies in Kenyan market among the below: -




We are members of the Association of Insurance Brokers of Kenya (AIBK)

We are regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority (IRA)



Our offices are located in Westlands Nairobi at the below address;



P.O. BOX 47169 – 00100,


TEL: 0726 983 819 / 0736 983 819 / 0790 219 999

 Cell:  0717 424 445 (24 hrs)

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                                  SATURDAY: 9.00 AM – 1.00 PM


 Regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority



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